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John Waller

European Historical Combat Guild

John Waller, Fulvio Del Tin. Swords and Swordsmanship

John Waller, Master-at-Arms
I first met John Waller in 1994, when he came to visit me together with Guy Wilson, the Master of the Royal Armouries in connection to the new Museum in Leeds which was near to opening. They were organizing educational activities in the museum and were in need of swords and other weapons.

John was  Museum’s Director of Live Interpretation and later Creative Director until 2006, training the interpretation team in the performance of numerous historical combat styles as well as the acted interpretation and the Museums own riders and horses.

He had a brilliant career in swordmanship as well as in historical combat styles and weapons.
He also was a professional archer, Fight Director and Combat teacher, a horseman and falconer.

For many years we have been in touch and we shared passion for old weapons. I was impressed by him, a good and kind man. For years I supplyed the Leeds Royal Armouries Museum with my replicas of swords and other weapons, it was in 1995 that I met him  at the RA Museum in Leeds, as I had the honour to have an invitation for the opening by the Queen.

Again it was very nice to meet him in the Leeds Museum, during the European Historical Combat Guild Seminar in 2003 and I am proud for the Honoury membership I received from him as Guild Master.

Later he visited me in September 2005, he came together with Graeme Rimer, Academic Director of the Royal Armouries in the Leeds R. A. Museum. In that occasion we also went to the Stibbert Museum in Florence and the armoury of Palazzo Ducale in Venice.

It is with sadness that I learned that John Waller died after a short and unexpected time in hospital, on 20th April.

John was a great man and all of us remember him with admiration and affection. He enriched our lives by his great sense of humour, his knowledge, and his ability to inspire to people interest in the subject of arms and armour.
I know that we all will miss him very much.

I  keep memory of him in my heart forever.

Fulvio Del Tin

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